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Prophetic Praise and Worship - Bringing Heaven to Earth

Bringing Heaven to Earth!

Prophetic Praise and Worship is where the reality of Jesus begins.

United Kingdom - March 31 - April 2

Howe Dell Community Hall
The Runway
Hatfield AL109AH
United Kingdom

Phone:(+41) 31 508 56 55

Experience Jesus Face-to-Face!

After a long week, there's nothing better than to fall into the arms of your Loving Savior.

For a prophet, this is so easy. You let go, you step into the secret place and there He is... arms wide open!

This is why the prophet was given this special ability to enter into the Throne Room. It is not for his own gain, but rather so that he may release this anointing on God's people.

After an onslaught of attacks during the week, you need a little bit of heaven on earth... you need a fresh touch from the Lord. You need a power that breaks the yoke and brings heaven down to earth and THAT is what Prophetic Praise and Worship is all about.

We invite you to the Prophetic Praise and Worship Seminar in the UK. Come to receive a revival of a love relationship between you and the Lord. Right now God is doing a new thing and that movement is right here, and right now. The bride is coming to maturity... she is coming to know her Jesus personally.

The day has come where every single believer can reach out and touch Jesus for themselves. Prophetic Praise and Worship is where the reality of Jesus begins. Meet us here to get a fresh touch from the Lord!

You will not leave without a fresh fire being ignited in your heart. Not only will you experience this for yourself, but you will discover:

- That you can experience Him EVERY day
- How to enter into His presence
- How to pour out the anointing in Prophetic Praise and worship
- What God created music for
- The power of music
- How to lead worship