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Apostolic Leadership Workshop

GONE is the One-Man Show. God is Raising up Apostolic Teams!

Fresno, CA - May 19 - 21, 2017

Venue :
Piccadilly Inn

5115 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno, California 93727

Phone: (760) 466 7679

A Workshop for the Apostolic Leader

"The God of heaven will give us success, therefore we, His servants, will arise and build." - Nehemiah 2:20

Nehemiah was a man with a vision. He could see into the future, and what he saw was a glorious temple erected just as God had intended. From the floor plan to which side of the wall stood where, he could envision where every piece of brick should be placed.

The Lord had raised him up and trained him in the way of success and by the time he made his way to Jerusalem, he was a man that could get the job done. He was influencial and he knew how to succeed, in his day and age. Yet, with all the grandeur vision that he had, and with all the passion in his heart, Nehemiah could not build that temple alone. Such a vision would need builders, landscapers, and many talents at his disposal.

In the same way, the Lord is going to give you a team!

The Need for a Team

Nehemiah needed a team. He needed to coordinate and he needed to know how to impart what he had envision into each and every single builder. So too, do YOU, apostle, need a team to help you accomplish the vision that God has etched in your heart. A temple needs to be built, and you and I know, that you cannot do it alone. If Jesus, needed 12 disciples... you are going to need a few disciples yourself.

However, this is no easy feat! Getting a team of strong leaders, like wild stallions, to go in one direction, takes a bit of wisdom. You will have to have more faith, more love, more hope than you ever had before.

So... where are you at, apostle? Perhaps you and your spouse are going through "team training" yourselves and stepping on each other's toes... nevermind leading a team?!

Or, you've got a team at your back, but where do your spiritual children fit in? Must they be part of your team? HOW do you make all of this work? No matter where you are at, whether currently working out the kinks with your spouse... or you've got spiritual children being "dropped off" at your doorstep, we want to be there to help you with your next step.

We Understand!

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach understand your walk. They are apostles over 3 AMI Centers across the globe, with spiritual children too many to count, and have established apostolic teams in each center. They are one's whom have walked your road and know what pitfalls lay ahead, as well as how to AVOID them.

They have paved the way for apostolic teams in this generation and it burns in them to help you along your journey. With their experience and wisdom that the Lord has given them, you can eat from the fruit of their labor and accomplish what they have, in half the time.

In fact, this seminar will not be like any other. Because they want to make sure that you receive the personal interaction and ministry that you need to help launch you forward, we have limited seating to 30 attendees (singles and couples included). This will ensure that each attendee recieves the ministry that they need and do not leave without receiving direction from the Lord.

To whet your appetite, here are just SOME of the topics that will be blown wide open:

- Marriage and Ministry - Seperating the Different Hats
- Apostolic Teams - How to Get People to Follow You
- Spiritual Parenting - The Good Spiritual Parent vs. The Bad Spiritual Parent
- The Fivefold Ministry - How to Put Each One in Their Place
- Key Principles to Successful Leadership - Getting Wild Stallions to go ONE direction
- Team, Family, and Staff- The Different Circles, A and B leaders, Training and Discipline

Impartation and Release:

Included in the Workshop is a chance to sit in the "Hot Seat." You will not leave this meeting without receiving a message from the Lord. Every attendee/couple will have the opportunity to meet with Apostles Craig and Colette or their team, for a time of personal ministry.

What is it that you need... direction? Confirmation? A word of encouragement or to just make sense of what God is doing in your life? Whatever it is, the Lord is here to meet you.

That is what the Hot Seat is all about. As the Lord leads, the apostles will impart, release and decree what the Lord has for you. Apostles Craig and Colette will be working hands-on with those with an apostolic call.

Speakers Include:

Apostle Craig Toach, South Africa
Apostle Colette Toach, South Africa

Later Event: September 16
Time to Pray!