Your Wealth vs. Kingdom Wealth

Before moving on to the word below, I would like to issue a word of caution. God does not often use me to deliver strong words of correction, but as the Father spoke to me this morning about the new move He is doing in the Church, He did not mince His words.

So firstly, realize that this word is not for everyone. This is not a word for you if you just got born again. This word is not for you if the Lord is using you in your local church to serve. This word is for those who are called to the Fivefold Ministry with a mandate for business and the creation of wealth in the Church.

Now whether you agree, love it, hate it or just plain do not understand it, there is no denying the fact that God is raising up mighty men and women with a message for the Church. A financial message to make the Bride stand as a City on the Hill. Some agree with this message. Many oppose it and I do not doubt that I will receive more than one negative response to this word.

Be this as it may - this word stands as a direction, conviction and confirmation from the Father to those who have been called in the financial realm. Like I said, read with caution. Allow the words to sink into your spirit and let the Lord add further personal direction for you to them.

Let us take this land for Christ together. Each in our own realm. Each with our own mandate. Each with our own fire to do what God has called us to do, with all our hearts.

Craig and I are humbled to walk this road alongside many such warriors, just like you. We will pay any price to see God's work accomplished in the earth. We know you will pay the same price, so let us stop talking and start DOING!

With Love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International


Calling Out Fivefold Financial Warriors

A Prophetic Word for the Church by Colette Toach

I am raising up my Josephs and Solomons to bring abundance to my Church, says the Lord - but Joseph made Pharaoh rich and he made his people rich. He had his rewards also, but he certainly did not give of his excess. Rather he arranged for others to become wealthy and this is what so many do not understand. There are many rising up in my Body right now that use their revelations, strengths and wisdom so that they can become wealthy and give the church of their overflow.  

However, that is not what I have called them to do. Rather I have called them to make others wealthy and to often times take a loss themselves. I have called them to raise others up above themselves. So many look at their talents and spiritual gifts as a money making opportunity, instead of a ministry that they can do to bless my Body. They are meant to raise up businessmen, to coach them and to make their way a success. This is what the mandate of these mighty warriors is. For as long as they seek after wealth, I will not bless or prosper them. However, when they seek out ideas to make others wealthy - then I will prosper them also.

As my leaders continue to cling to their financial secrets to make themselves wealthy, my hand will be against them. However when they come to me for wisdom on others - then you will begin to see blessing and prosperity flow like you cannot imagine. For it is not about the gifts - it is about the mandate.

The mandate is not for SELF WEALTH - it is for KINGDOM WEALTH. While your hunger is to feed your own stomach, you will never be satisfied.

You will always hunger and thirst and every bread you receive will make you fat, but you will still hunger. All the wine you drink will make your eyes bloodshot, but you will never be satisfied. This is the nature of the leeches that take and take. They just want more and more and are never satisfied.

Kingdom Wealth

However, my blessings make rich without that sorrow. They do not bring fear or condemnation. You never fear losing what you have, because you know it is not yours to have in the first place. You never fear having to let go of what you need, because you know that it did not come there by your own hand, but by mine.

For a true financial apostle is not to be rich so that he can give of his abundance. A true financial apostle is one that makes others rich and causes them to flourish and this is what no one has yet understood.

So I am bringing a revolution to my Church, and I am raising up the fivefold ministry in the business realm. They will come from the rich, the poor, the imprisoned, the strong and the weak. I will use them from every sector - but let this message be clear.

They will not rise up to feed their own bellies. They will not rise up to satisfy their own cravings. They will rise up to feed my Bride wine and bread and to give her all that she needs to flourish in this world. Moses sought me for food for my people and I fed them in abundance. He did not seek me for food for his family alone and then give the rest of the nation from his overflow!

When will my mighty warriors rise up now and put aside their own cravings and desires, and take on my cravings and desires? When will they put their own flesh and need for fame and wealth on the cross and lift others up instead? For I am calling for these leaders that will pay this price. They are not to be found sitting in palaces. They are not going to be found draped in fine clothing and in gold so that they can brag about how successful they are.

Identifying Those With a Kingdom Wealth Mandate

In fact, on first impression, they will not seem like much. Yet as they open their mouths, rivers of living water will gush out. An anointing to create wealth - not for themselves, but for others! They will walk in revelation, wisdom and pour out secrets of wealth, not for themselves, but for others.

So when you see one rising up with wisdom to gain their own wealth and then only from there hand on the crumbs to my people - this is not one of my financial warriors!

No, my financial warriors will be those that will suffer lack just to see someone else become wealthy. They are the ones that will fall flat on their face before me, crying out for the wisdom to pass on to others to become wealthy, knowing that they will not get to eat of that bread.

Then I will anoint such a one with words of power and the wisdom of Solomon, and they will indeed cause my Church to become a City on a hill. A shining City of influence that is not built on the spirit of the world and the lust of the eyes, but on true agape love.

A love that gives. A love that sacrifices. A love that is unafraid to suffer lack to see another experience wealth. Look out for my Fivefold Financial Warriors, because they are coming. I am sending them to you, for their time is now.

Your Journey - Where to From Here

They have wondered why I have held them back and it is because their focus has been wrong. So I took them into the fire to burn away the dross of the lust for money. I have taken them through the wilderness, so that they could be hungry and thirsty enough to do it my way.

Some I have filled up with so much abundance that they have become spiritually sick in their stomachs, realizing that even though they eat the things of this world, it does not satisfy. So realize I am raising up my leaders now. Those that are willing and ready to take up arms and to give to my Bride what she needs to be an influence in the systems of the world, says the Lord. Amen.