It's just time to get the job done!

There comes a time when you just have to get the job done. Cutting my ministry teeth in the prophetic, it was pretty easy for me to delve into the world of inner healing and deliverance. To the point where I would see hurts and demons everywhere! If I met someone new, I could discern their hurts and my main objective was to help them break free.

Ah yes, the carefree days being an unhinged prophet who did not have to think twice about their actions… as the Lord keeps leading me forward though, I started to notice a shift in who I am becoming lately. There is a time and purpose for healing, hours of counsel and prayer, but then there is just time to get off your butt and get the job done!

We speak so often of how important it is to be soft clay in the hands of the Father. However have you ever tried to drink coffee out of a cup that has not yet been put in the fire? What is the point of all this shaping, people? There needs to come a time when that piece of clay is put into the fire and of some use to its owner!

There comes a time when you actually have to become useful to God and to get the job done! So often we can go around in circles casting out demons, praying for inner healing and slogging through hours and hours of counsel month after month. What is the point of it all?

What is the point of being set free if you are still useless to God? Now now, hold back on that hate mail! While we are bleeding and always needing ministry, we are not useful to the Lord, because we are not pouring out! Rather you are sitting in a corner needing someone to always pour into you. You take the ministry, go around in your head about your failures and all along… keeping all that anointing and calling to yourself.

So yeah, lately the Father has been setting my head a little straighter. I am not saying that you will not need more healing, deliverance or counsel as you move forward, but what I AM saying is this:


You cannot always just be on the potter’s wheel. There has to come a time when you pour out. A time when you walk out the healing you do have. A time when you go to church and give a little instead of always taking a lot.

There has to come a time when you get up and begin fulfilling the call of God on your life. No more excuses. Let’s just get up and get the job done.

Sure, you might need more time on the potter’s wheel in the future, but right now, God’s people need to drink the espresso shot that’s in your cup.

So please, let the Lord finish putting you in the fire and then GO OUT. Do not go through the fire, just return to the potter’s wheel again! Well there you have it. My rant for today. I am going to sign off and see what there is that I can DO today to LIVE and WALK out this incredible process that I have been going through.

Love you guys and chat again soon!

Colette Toach