Time to Apostle Up!

Just because I am an expert in my field, does not mean I know how to sow the seed God has given to you. The more I walk out this call, the more I recognize I have to learn.

Because of the road that I have walked I have become proficient in what God has called me to do. Training is my thing. Working with teams is second nature to me. However just because I have spent the last 21 years doing that, does not qualify me to walk out the mandate of another apostle.

I can only view their mandate through my own experience. And therein lies the conflict amongst so many leaders in the church today. Everyone is trying to perceive the mandate of other leaders through their own personal experience.

Listen, the Holy Spirit has spent a very long time making you see this the way that you do. He has shaped and trained you. He has given you a view from a mountaintop that is completely yours. So when you look over to another mountaintop, you will see your brother or sister through your own shaping.

So how exactly can we help one another? How can we work together as leaders and apostles if we are never going to “get” the other’s mandate? It’s simple. First can we admit that we do not have ALL the answers? Second admit that we don’t NEED to have all the answers? Having walked my road, I might not get your entire process, but I certainly would have a piece of instruction, to help fill in your gaps.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own perspective that we can get tunnel vision and it takes another leader to come alongside to bring a different view. This is how we are meant to work with one another. There is not an associate, spiritual child or team member that has not added something to me!

In the process of investing into them, I see a world through their eyes that I would never have seen before. Every apostle’s baby is gorgeous in their eyes and as far as they are concerned, this is THE baby to change the world! Nothing wrong with that.

However even as a natural parent, I recognized that I needed some outside help when I first became a mother. Sleepless nights and out of ideas - I welcomed others who had been along the way to help me out.

Let us recognize that all of us are so diverse that, together, we have an abundance of solutions… IN ONE ANOTHER! Apostle, you do not need to find all the answers by yourself any more. We are a body. We need one another. We need to learn from one another and depend on one another.

Each of our babies are gorgeous in their own right, but if we want to raise healthy mandates, then we need to give them the best chance of success. This might mean allowing someone else to add that missing piece that you lack because of your singular perspective.

What I love the most of what I do is to see the Church falling more in love with Her Savior. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than doing this alongside other apostles and leaders. I am not a fool. I know that as one apostle, I can only do so much. When I recognize the potential of others, I see the power that we can accomplish TOGETHER to bring lasting change for generations to come!

So come guys - lets break the “one man army” mindset and truly usher in an apostolic move into the Church!