Ok Apostle, Let's Talk Straight

I like to give it straight. Just my style - some folks love it and others find me offensive. I am not alone in this mindset. There are a bunch of us apostles out there who like to “say it like it is.” Today though I want to present these apostles with the same challenge that God often sends my way…

Can you receive a challenge as well as you give it, Apostle?

Now before you open your big mouth and agree emphatically, let’s step back and be a bit honest here. It is great when we are getting the revelation and can prophesy to help leaders dig out the flaws in their vision. How comfortable is it though, when YOU miss it and need a little help tweaking YOUR vision?

Our mandates are like our babies. They are beautiful and perfect in our eyes and it’s almost heresy to imagine that there is anything we might need to change. Thing is though, we are flawed and sometimes our passion messes up with the true vision God gave to us.

For example… I have this nasty habit. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I also think that I am the solution to everyone’s problems. Oh yes… then there is this annoying trait whereby I think that every one of my team needs me to baby sit them. So yeah, I will not lie when I tell you that I felt a twinge of defense rising up in me when a prophetic word came my way (from one of my team). A word that said, “I have told you to let the things of the past go. I have told you to let the loads go and to allow others to carry them. So lay them down now and walk in obedience!”

Well now, I asked for it, didn’t it? I “like to give it straight” and so raised a team that can “give it straight” right on back to me. You know what I love the most about this? I feel like my back is covered. You see Apostle, what you do not realize is that when you are open to “getting it straight” as much as you give it - you are covered. The Holy Spirit knows that He can reach you any time that He needs to. You never need to fear falling into deception or letting God’s people go astray.

So please, let us continue to “give the unhindered word” to the Church and let us continue to stand in the furnace, ready to get that word right back at us. It refines and challenges us. It refines and renovates our mandates. Above all, it reminds us that we are not here because of our own righteousness, but by the pure grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Colette Toach

Apostle, Spiritual Mother, Team Leader… Servant

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