Our Origin Story Begins in Africa, Reaches the World


The Lord uses us as mentors, parents and leadership support to those with their own ministries and churches. We all need one another to fulfill our mandate and we are firm advocates of being the one place where leaders can simply "be" and receive the ministry and confirmation they need for what God has told them.


With a two year prophetic school curriculum and a 18 month pastor teacher school curriculum we graduate trainees from our school yearly. (Sometimes bi-annually to accommodate international students) Make no mistake, these courses are not just informational, they are boot camp training for those called to the fivefold ministry.

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Make no mistake, what we preach and teach behind the pulpit is what we live at home and in our ministry centers. By the time we reach that pulpit, each principle has been taught at the dinner table first. Every principle is tried by fire and been applied practically before we step forward to share it publicly with the Church.  We would not consider to teach what we have not lived!

Before you can stand and confront the Pharaoh from without, you have to confront the pharaoh that is within.
— Colette Toach - The Staff of Moses


Many people refer to me as an Author, but the reality is that I cannot claim any boast for the books I have written. Each time we navigated a new season as a ministry and team, I documented that journey and discovered that many others had experienced the same mountain tops and valleys. My books are able to travel places I cannot and they are a vital part of our training program. 


Part of our mandate is to establish the fivefold ministry, we operate as a team to train, equip and teach. While I (Colette) teach and lay out the principles, Craig trains hands-on working live with fivefold ministers in the field. Taking them from having just received a reality of their call to walking out out practically in their church and community. 



While our priority lies in the day to day work of the ministry centers and personal investment into our team and spiritual children, the Lord also uses us to preach and teach in various churches and ministries around the world.


We value our relationship with international leaders who have a hunger for the new move of God. When we accept and invitation to minister we always travel as a team and our focus is on leadership ministry. Time with our hosts is a vital part of our travels! If you would like to book us for a speaking or training engagement please fill in a request for on our “Book an Engagement” page.


Spiritual parenting is not a new concept, however with the rise of the prophetic and apostolic move in the church it has become even more vital for leaders to have the support, healing and character training they need to succeed, not only in their ministries, but in their natural life as well. This is certainly our "happy place" and what takes up the bulk of our heart and time.

To set ourselves aside and to raise up mighty warriors. We are very proud of the spiritual and natural children that the Lord has allowed us to raise up into mighty warriors!

This is your proof of apostleship: Those that remain to implement the pattern that God has given to you.
— Colette Toach, Today's Apostle

The Esther Effect

A specific aspect of my mandate lies in what I call “The Esther Effect.” A ministry for like-minded women leaders. This is not a support group. This is not a regular women’s ministry. It is a ministry where I parent, equip and train women of all leadership leaders to fulfill their call effectively and maintain success in their marriages, relationships and God-given feminine qualities. Esther Effect meetings are by invitation only with focused impartation and instruction that removes the sugar coating and gets into the topics women in ministry leadership could not otherwise receive instruction and direction for.

Esther Effect, Johannesburg South Africa, Nov 2018

Esther Effect, Johannesburg South Africa, Nov 2018

Mastering Masculinity

It is because of the struggle that Craig had to discover the fullness of who he was as a man, apostle and leader that he has the keys to others going on the same journey. With his charismatic nature, he has taken many leaders under his wings to affirm, direct and counsel them in their roles as men, husbands, brothers and friends.

A powerful ministry geared towards leaders, Craig is indeed a father to those who have been called as fathers themselves. He is the support system that many come to lean on. Truly a pillar in the Church where men come to a place of being understood, but also challenged to rise up and be the complete men that God has called them to be.