Wish you were here

In amongst serving the Lord and following His commandments, we forget this powerful concept... we were made to fellowship with Him. The creator of the universe breathed life into man, so that He might have someone to love and fellowship with. This idea cuts across so much of our striving and efforts to "get it right," yet it is the core of our salvation.

When we love the Lord, we obey His commandments. When we fellowship with the Lord, we abide in Him and Him in us. So tell me... when was the last time you just hung out with the Lord? When was the last time you and Jesus had a good chat about all the trivial things going on in your life?

There comes a time in amongst all that striving when you just need to CHILL OUT and enjoy the fruits of your salvation! The peace, joy, hope and love! All the good stuff that Jesus paid such a price to give you.

It is time to come to rest. To take time aside to put away the struggle with your flesh and to just have some fun with Jesus. Put on some music, dance, sing and laugh a little. Have a party in His presence and you will discover that the power you are looking for is not found in your trying...but in JOY!

This message is the core of what God has me sharing as we continue to tour in South Africa. Prophetic Praise and Worship is not just for the "worshippers," but it is for every child of God. It is the ultimate distraction from our cares and the easiest way to get into His presence.

The more we revel in His presence, the easier the road becomes - the more you begin to see and feel like Jesus does. So this week... take time to party in His presence! RELAX! Come to peace and revel in the fruit of your salvation!

With Love,
Craig and Colette Toach 
Apostles and Spiritual Parents 
Apostolic Movement International


P.S. Here are some pictures of our event yesterday... HELD IN A BARN! There were critters paying us a visit as I preached and with hay on the floor and birds in the rafters, we had a glory hallelujah in His presence - GOD SHOWED UPWish you were there :)