South Africa, here we come!

Another 25 hours of flying to look forward to, and while for many, this might seem painful, I look forward to the long flight with absolutely nothing to do! Sometimes as a leader it seems that every second of my day is filled with making decisions and remembering what everyone else forgot to do.

Here is a crazy thought… I can board that plane in Los Angeles and just sit while I let the pilot fly. Strapped in, my trusty headphones on and… there is absolutely nothing else to. Yes peeps, this is how apostles have downtime!

I appreciate the reminder that sometimes I do not need to change the world on my own. It is not all up to me to make sure everything gets done and its not in my hands to change the world. I am just the vessel - the Lord Jesus is the real master at all this stuff. We forget that sometimes.

Sometimes I get so hung up on how everyone is doing and what ministry each person needs, that I forget that I cannot make a miracle - I can just be obedient. Jesus is the true miracle maker. He will position us to love and minister to His family.

So here we go again! With a full itinerary we look forward to our time in South Africa with a good healthy dose of fear and trembling. Craig and I step off the plane as apostles and spiritual parents, ready to impart what God gives us to impart. Joining us are Rebekah, our son Michael and Dalton Beckering. Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry are also joining as part of our team. Get ready for the ground to shake!

We will be sure to keep you posted!