Apostolic Realities...


Our pastor and prophet workshop in San Diego is around the corner. We also get to walk our second group of graduates for 2018 across the stage that Sunday. Should I be surprised that I STILL do not have the notes I am to preach at this workshop?

I keep thinking… any day now, I will sit down and it will flow. Yet it feels like I am experiencing a serious case of preachers block (totally made that phrase up.) I ask the Lord what is up with all of that and He just tells that I should not worry, because whether I know it or not, that I am living what I am to preach.

I guess I should not be surprised. He always does this to me. Every time I stand behind the pulpit I go through a process and this time just feels more intense to me. I mean, I try not to do it, but it seems that every single time we have a seminar, everything else happens at the same time. Right now, we are putting all the pieces together for the launch of my next book Today’s Apostle and our flight tickets are booked to South Africa for the 27th.

Still raising finances for Nathan and Chaifa’s flight, arranging final details like the stage for our graduation… the septic tank on the premises decides to block up. And so, in amongst trying to confirm that our attendees have the right address, we are up to our elbows in… “stuff”…

Ah yes, the apostolic walk is glorious isn’t it? I’m terribly sorry if I am not sounding very polished and glorious, but the truth is that the walk of the apostle is not a high and mighty one. It is a walk of being called to be the scum of the earth and being ready to do and be what God wants.

I get a lot of flack because I call myself an apostle and let us not even go into the fact that I am a WOMAN and an apostle (What was God thinking… right?!) However, for as often as I stand in boldness in what God has called me to be, I want to continue to bring you to the reality of this call to servanthood.

So on this page, get comfortable with whats uncomfortable. Get familiar with the fact that I am not going to hold the apostle up as some type of demi-god that should be feared by man! Rather I want to bring you to a gentle respect for this incredible responsibility that God has placed on our shoulders.

I want to make you aware of the fact that Jesus is calling His Bride to maturity and that we have quite a work ahead of us. Every single apostle has been given a dispensation of grace and as we take hold of that grace and play our part, we will indeed see the Church arise as a City on a Hill!

So until next time, take a moment to appreciate where God has you right now. Every ministry comes with a price to pay and a role to play. Fulfill your purpose today, so that by tomorrow you are ready to move forward.

Signing out… wife, mother, apostle, author… servant