Todays Prophet its the last day to get the book for free guys!

#TodaysProphet its the last day to get the book for free guys! (Where did the weekend go?) Amazon really only allows us to give it away for free for just 5 days, so please grab it in the next few hours. Also... kindly post reviews once you have read. Your reviews increase my author rating and make sure that others see that this book is available. Lets raise up God’s New Testament prophets together!!…/…/ref=sr_1_2…



Today's Prophet (The Fivefold Office Series Book 5)

"If this is all about Today's Prophet, then what happened to yesterday's Prophet?" - Apostle Colette ToachSince the time of John the Baptist, the prophetic movement was thrust into a new era. An outstanding transition took place in the Church as a whole. Jesus came, He died for us, resurrected and then He gave ascension gifts as a blessing to the Church universal, and that's where things got interesting.