Your Wilderness Today is Your Apostolic Movement Tomorrow!


Last night we “cut the ribbon” on our new ministry center in South Africa, we gathered with our new class of Prophetic and Pastor Teacher school students. As I looked around, i was reminded of when I preached the first prophetic school lesson over 10 years ago. It was a season when the Lord had pulled Craig and I back from all active ministry!

He had taken us out of Europe, where we had been most active and threw us into Mexico and then one by one shut all ministry doors! What were we to do? Well that is where we birthed our prophetic school. We set up my office and I preached my lectures to the camera. Each time I sat down, I saw in the spirit, the mighty warriors I was going to reach. I felt their struggle. I felt what they were going through.

Often I wondered to myself who I would reach. Whether we would have any impact at all. Yet this last year, the Lord has rewarded us by showing us the fruit of our time in the wilderness. This year we had to host two graduations to make space for all the graduates that are passing through our schools.


Then as I sat here in South Africa last night, looking at our new incredible family of students, that moment so many years ago flashed back to me. Right there in our wilderness, we were investing into leaders that are making a powerful impact in the church today. The moral of the story is this guys… stop complaining when you end up in your wilderness!

Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament under house arrest! The work we accomplish today is built on the foundation we established in the wilderness years ago. Do not rush it. Take time to get the pattern and to ready yourself.


Cause here is the thing… that time went by faster than you can imagine! Before long the doors opened again and these days, Craig and I have to snatch out moments of quiet with one another and the Lord. Not a moment goes by when there is not something going on. I LOVE IT, but I still look back with melancholy at our time in the wilderness.

For those of you who have been along this journey with us, it is an honor to walk alongside you. To our new and graduated students… we proudly hold you up as the fruit of our apostleship. We could not be more humbled and in awe of what God has done!