Nature of the Father MP3 FREE with Today's Apostle

Ok now that I got that subject line out of the way, I am super pumped to say that Craig and I are making this teaching available to anyone who gets the Today’s Apostle book or ebook in this next week. This is a message we preached side by side in our Pastor and Prophet Workshop and… let’s just say it is a NOW word!

Fresh, direct and geared for those with a fivefold ministry call, it will help put to rest the struggle you have had going through this training process God takes us all through for the call. What I love most about ministering with my husband side by side, is that I get to put “the apostle” hat down for a moment and we can just be parents.

When we stand up there together I just imagine we are sitting around our dinner table at one of our ministry centers talking about the things God showed us. I remember the hours we spent until late at night when someone knocked on our bedroom door late at night for ministry. This is what you will get when you listen to this message. Something real, from the heart and a hand from us to you to help you along your apostolic journey.

It goes hand in hand with the Today’s Apostle book, so grab both, (especially the E-book!) The reason for this is, THE EBOOK WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE THROUGH US MUCH LONGER!

Craig and I will be enrolling the e-book into Kindle Direct Publishing and we are restricted from publishing it on our sites after that. I will announce the cut off date to get the printable .pdf version of this book on our bookshop shortly.

Talk to you guys again soon and looking forward to our next adventure together!

DETAILS: Get the FREE MP3 with the book from Nov 23rd-Nov 30th

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