When God Sets You Up...

Its the thing you least expect when you finally “cave” and accept the call of God on your life. I mean, the Lord pursued you for so long now, that you think that the moment you fall to your face and say, “Ok Lord! I will do it!” That the doors will open and angels sing.

Truth is that you find yourself like Moses. You finally accept going back to Egypt to be faced with a hard-hearted people and an enemy that wants you DEAD! Yes… welcome to the process. For anyone there for the first time, it can rock your world. For the rest of us who are familiar with these waters it’s a case of, “Here we go again… “

The fire becomes your friend, because the reality check is that you need to go through the process for the mandate. From that moment onward, God takes delight in setting you up!!

You are positioned through circumstances and people. You are thrust into directions you do not want to go. However I am here to tell you today that God does not position you without the intention to empower you!

If He is putting you through a process, He desires to fill you with fire and send you to do the impossible. Like Moses, you too will turn the water to blood and see the seas part before you. For now though, it’s time to push through your wilderness and to face your process, because at the end of the day, this is not just about you… its about God’s people.

Now you apostles out there… keep this one thing in mind… just because you stand in office does not mean that you are done with your process! (not unless you want to fossilize and stay on that plateau for the rest of your life!) With each new direction, the Lord will take you through a new process.

My Process - Being Joseph SUCKS!

At the beginning of the year, the Lord started talking to me about becoming a Joseph and walking in a business mandate, I entered the process of my life. My ministry, gifts and “comfy zone” was abruptly shaken. My focus needed to change. My convictions needed to change. My skill set needed to change. How is all that change going to happen??!! God’s gotta set you up! He has got to take you through a process that will give you the eyes to see.

So yeah, the truth is, that sometimes I feel like I am stuck in prison interpreting dreams and there are times when I feel that the “mother of all Potiphar’s wives” are throwing one accusation after another at me.

There is a fantastic consolation to it all though… I get to do the same thing that Joseph did… I get to organize the heck out of that prison! BRING IT! “You might lock me up devil. You might strip me and steal my pretty little coat from me, but no matter where I land, I am going to get up again and make sure that everything is taken care of.”

Now not all of us are in the same process. Some of us are like Moses confronting Pharoah. You Davids out there are stuck in a cave and you poor Joshuas are wandering the wilderness with that rebellious old generation. We all have our own burden to bare!

Fast forward though and guess what… Moses set God’s people free and parted the Red Sea. Joshua took the land everyone dreamed of for years. David took the throne becoming the most loved king of Israel and Joseph… well he finally made his way out of prison (14 years later) to be second in command of all Egypt and thus saved the same lot that sold him out.

I know that when you are going through that process its hard to see the promise that God has given to you, but here is a reminder - there is a purpose to the process and… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If it is any consolation there are many other apostles just like you feeling just as sorry for themselves as you do!

We are all forging ahead in the call God has put on our lives. We will not give up. We will not curl up and die… NO… WE WILL GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS AND ENTER INTO POWER!

It’s Your Turn Now… POWER UP!

With that bold declaration I want to let you know that I am not leaving you there… I got the punch to back up my big mouth. During this Christmas Season we are opening up our phone lines for 10 full days for 24 hours!

From the 11th-21st December we are reaching out to everyone going through their process and giving, giving, and GIVING to help you through this process.

So here is what is on the agenda 11-21st December:

  1. 24 hour ministry line

  2. 50% off all downloadable products on www.ami-bookshop.com

  3. 20% of all tangible products on www.ami-bookshop.com

and MY FAV…. 30% off ALL COURSES on AMI-Campus! (www.ami-campus.com)

So… see you around from the 11th. The year is quickly coming to a close and I do not doubt that the Lord is going to squeeze as much as He can in before the next season comes… its just the kinda God He is :)

Love you guys and remember… you chose to walk this road. You told the Lord, “yes” and it is for this reason that you will rise up and accomplish what so many others do not have the courage to do.


Colette Toach,
Apostle, Spiritual Mother, Imprisoned Joseph and eager Christmas celebrator (bring on the eggnog!).