Gods Word 2019 Directed to the Apostles, Spiritual Parents and Fivefold Leaders of Our Generation

God’s Word for 2019

Directed to the Apostles,  Spiritual Parents and Fivefold Ministers of our Generation

Being that our place in the body of Christ is to raise up leaders, it did not surprise us that when the Lord gave the word for 2019, it centered around the place that you, as apostles, leaders and spiritual parents will play in the months and years to come.

With that being said, I feel the sense of urgency to deliver this message to you, “It is time to allow the Holy Spirit to lift you up and carry you!” The time of being anchored is over. The time of digging your roots deep is over.

You have accomplished what you could with the limitation that you have and it is time to allow the Lord to give you new fields to work in. So if you have felt “saturated” in your ministry or at a place where you keep hitting a ceiling, stop and recognize what God is doing here.

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

Guys – The Lord has a plan for His Church universally and it is up to us to allow Him to put us in a place where we can help usher in this new move. Often times we get so caught up in our little worlds, our ministries and future, that we forget that we are part of a much bigger picture.

Well this is what this word for 2019 is all about - to get the bigger picture, and to come to terms with the stripping and shifting you have gone through in 2018 and to submit to God’s hand for the re-planting and re-inventing He has in store for you in 2019.

As always the best part of this process, is that you are not alone. There are others, just like ourselves, walking alongside you. Apostles, spiritual parents and fivefold ministers who are all paying  the price to become “comfortable with the uncomfortable” and to  be planted in unfamiliarity.  We  pray this word encourages and prepares you for the incredible work  God has in store for you.

Craig and Colette Toach – Your fellow laborers in Christ
Apostles and Spiritual Parents

Positioned to Take the Charge

-Craig Toach

My Bride has gone through a great time of slumber. She has had her time to rest and quiet, but that is about to change.

I am calling my Bride to rise-up and take Her place, I am calling her to be a city set on a hill, for all to see. Until this happens, there is nothing to draw those to me, who desperately seek me.

Until my body is a force to be reckoned with in all areas, my plans cannot come to pass. Until every nation, culture and land, knows who I really am, and my love for them, I cannot bring them into the fullness of what I have for them.

My body needs to take its place, and show this world my true nature and my true love. The love of a father that does not condemn, but does not rejoice in unrighteousness either. A father, who cries out for his children and wants only the best for them, yet will not stand for selfishness to be their focus, when so many need the hand to help them. 

As these true saints of the Lord Jesus rise-up, so will the world see my true nature and so truly understand the true nature of a father who loves them.

Calling Out Leaders of Leaders

I am calling forth leaders of leaders, who will take the charge. Leaders who will gather the watchmen who have been prepared in secret. These watchmen have been called to death, to gain all in every area of their lives.

To The Watchmen:

I am calling you to keep watch over my beloved. Rise this day and protect my children. Rise this day and teach my lambs my way. So that they may grow into the servants and warriors, I have called them to become from their mother’s womb. Set them in place, so that they may reflect and help others to know me face-to-face.

To Those Positioned in the World:

I am calling those in high positions, to no longer stand in the darkness, out of sight but to step forward in my wisdom, and change this world for me. I have had you in place for such a time as this. Just like in the early Church, I had my people everywhere, even in Caesar’s home. Then, when the time came, the whole known world, was set upside down, because I had everyone in place. All it took was a single command and everything fell into place and everyone knew what their part was.

The New Church Era

-Colette Toach 

For I am ushering my Church into a new era and even now, I am setting many in place. For you see the darkness of this world and how it covers the earth. So many see the darkness, but they do not see that I have planted my light in so many places. I have already prepared ahead of time and I have begun, even  now to set my lights in place. My pillars. My lighthouses who will light the way. 

Spiritual Parents, Apostles, and Fivefold Leaders

Those who are unafraid of the darkness and would dare challenge it. My leaders and apostles who have called out to me with a desire to bring about the change, that I have put into their hearts to do. They do not accept the way things are. They do not consider the darkness to be of any consequence. Eternal optimists who see what I am capable of doing and no longer look at what the enemy would desire to do.

I am raising them up out of the darkness to shine their lights. For a season their lights were hidden, but no more. Soon you will see them come from afar.

Pollination of Apostolic Anointing

Spiritual parents, apostles and leaders who will prepare the way for my people. Thrown into every culture and region, these are the ones that have been prepared to give up everything for my name. They have given up positions, homes and children for my sake. I have planted them in foreign soil and given them a vision for a people that were never their own.

Yet, as they invest and walk out their mandate, the people will become their own and so they will bring about the change and influence right where I have planted them. They shall pollinate all the gardens of the church in their regions until they bring about the change that I have ordained.

This is a tiresome and slow work and there are many who are discouraged. They wonder if they are making a difference. Yet, they have no idea how just that one pollination can change the course of an entire region!

So recognize that as the enemy has brought his leaven into my Church, so also am I bringing about my own pollination into my garden and causing it to begin to bare new seeds, new fruit and new trees.

Evangelism of the Church – A Massive Ignition is Coming

For you will see an evangelism of my own people. A massive movement of the gospel to my own Church, for they must be ready for what I am about to establish in this earth. So see how I will ignite a new fire. Not one fire - but many all across the earth and I am already now, planting key players in unfamiliar places to bring about that change.

I am bringing many small fires that will ignite simultaneously across the globe. In the public places and in the hidden places. I will send my apostles and fivefold leaders into places that are hidden.

They will not be known by their titles. They will not be known  by their grand works. Rather they will be known by their heart and they will steer entire nations. They will turn the hearts of my people back to me and begin a fiery passion towards me once again. 

You are Being Sent Out

I am sending, even now, my leaders into the darkest of places, the smallest of places. For the fires will ignite all at once. Not in just one megachurch. Not in just one distant region. No - my hand will sweep over the earth says the Lord and I will ignite them together. For I have been planning  and moving. I have been raising up my  leaders in obscurity. 

I have been shifting and m loving my  leaders across land and sea. I have changed their circumstances. I have stripped them. I have increased them. I have pulled them from the world into the Church and some I have pulled out of the Church and put them to work  in the world.

Yet with each shift and change, I have been preparing for these End Times. These glorious End Times when my people will rule and reign once again. So recognize what it is that I am doing now. Have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what I am saying.

Migration of Apostles and Fivefold Leaders

For those that need the message will indeed hear it. For even now I am sending out shockwaves and causing a massive migration of my leaders to every tribe and tongue. So put aside the grandeur. Put aside the great titles and put your hands to the plough. For it is time for my apostles to get their hands dirty in the soil.

It is time for them to be prepared to go and work in gardens that are unfamiliar to them. It is time for them to be removed from the gardens that they have already pollinated with the anointing that they have and to go out! To go out to the places that need the anointing that they have. For their own gardens have already become saturated.

This place where they have invested so much, is already full and it is time to go out now and to saturate other gardens, to pollinate and cross-pollinate so that I can accomplish my task sooner.

Your Garden is Saturated

So indeed it is time for the limited vision to be broken and for my apostles to allow me to send them out once again. Out of their comfort zone. Out of their culture. Out of their class. Out of their understanding. Out of their social circles.

For all of these gardens that they have surrounded themselves with are saturated with the anointing that they walk in and there are so many other gardens that need the seed of my power that they contain,

It is only when the apostles have the courage to step out of their own gardens and into the ones I send them to, that you will begin to see the change in my Church that I have promised. It is time to be re-planted. To be re-invented.

Instruction and a Promise to the Apostles:

Take the same seeds of power that are within you and invest them into a new place. Have courage my people. Have courage, for the time is now to establish and build my Kingdom like you never have before!

It is your season to eat foreign foods and drink foreign drink, to become familiar with the unfamiliar and comfortable with the uncomfortable.

For when you are prepared to pay this price, you will see the doors open up before you and when they  open, the doors of the past will close.

Your Mandate Reinvented

As you step into the unknown, I promise that I will grant you a greater harvest than you have gathered before. Where before you reaped a hundred-fold, in this new land you  will reap  a thousand-fold. As you have the courage to walk in obedience and to step forward, you will walk in favor and blessing. My hand will be covering you and you will be walking in my righteousness.

So face the unknown today with a great joy in your heart and get ready to establish my plan into this earth. For the mandate you thought you had is about to be re-invented. It is about to be adapted to the new that I have in store for you.

So do not weep over what is past and do not look back. For what you have established will remain, but what you will yet build will exceed what you have done in the past.

The Fire is Coming With a New DNA

So just as you watch the winds and  the  waves and can tell what the weather will be, so watch the spiritual signs and times. For already the feet of those who share the gospel are in place. Already the leaders are in place and my fire is coming.  

The fires are about to be lit  and as they are  a move will  come to every tribe and  tongue, that when you look across the e earth and see my  people, that you will recognize their common DNA.

That DNA will not be vested in man or in the world. It will not be vested in an archetype or in that of an apostle. It will instead be established in me and in my nature. My Church will indeed be my own people and I will be theirs. A beautiful bride in love with her groom.

A Glorious Bride

A rare beauty that I  adore and cling to.  For I do this all  for you my Bride.  I prepare you with the  best  gold. I prepare you now with linens and expensive cloth. I drape you in the best so that you will be glorious to everyone that looks at you.

For you are my Bride. My beloved.  I died for you. I  continue to prepare for you. I continue to adore you and desire you by my side. I  desire to see you as a warrior who stands a head and shoulder above all others. No matter how many times you fail me. No matter how imperfect you are - you are my beloved and I am yours and I will indeed move mountains and oceans on your behalf - to draw you closer to me.

So look up and see that your Savior is here to claim you. I stand right here,  ready to embrace you and see, I already send my servants to prepare you for my return. So run to  me. Cling to me and take me by the hand,  so that  I can lead you into this new season of promised victory and blessing says the Lord

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